Sky High Access to Urban Living

The residence apartment “Sky One” is situated in Colombo 10, a strategically located in the heart of Colombo City and “Sky One” is in close proximity to the second tallest architecturally excellence 350 m, ‘Lotus Tower’ structure in South Asia. The heritage archaeological buildings that can be sighted in the vicinity of the “Sky One” are the Elphinstone Theatre, Tower Hall Theatre, Maradana Technical College and the Maradana Railway Station. The “Sky One” location Colombo 10 with its emerging development, is in the course of revolutionizing the real estate market with the complete transformation of urbanized modern residence apartments and a commercial hub in Colombo.

“Sky One” makes a significant image in the City of Colombo. The “Sky One” will stand the tallest in the vicinity of the urbanized Colombo 10 making a unique image that can be seen and viewed as far as the human naked eye would see. Living at the, “Sky One”, you will also have the greatest opportunity to view your surroundings and nature of the environment to the North, South, East and West of Colombo and all its suburbs while you appreciate the ambiance of the sky as close as touching the stars in a bright clear night.